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Rye Wolf is the modern English translation of the Anglo Saxon "Roggenwolf," the wolf spirit that moves silently through the fields moving the rye and corn on a still summer day.

The band Rye Wolf evolved from The Westlanders, (Lance Burns, Ian Freedman and Bogdan Dobraszczyk) originally a three piece named for their fallen comrade John Westland who formed the band then sadly passed away.



The Westlanders were chiefly known for their original use of the didgeridoo as an accompanying instrument to traditional folk songs. There was an immediate chemistry when the band met Rik Knight who had spent a year playing solo after leaving Ghosts & Highwaymen. Rik in turn introduced them to Mike Tuffery who has spent the last few years playing solo. This is his first band.


The new band perform a mix of traditional and self penned songs in true folk style and together produce a mesmeric and original sound. And yes the didgeridoo is in there too!